Douluo: If You Cut Me, You Will Lose the Treasure, Bibi Dong is Addicted

Douluo: If You Cut Me, You Will Lose the Treasure, Bibi Dong is Addicted

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    Lin Yi traveled across the Douluo Continent, and was presented with an extraordinary divine body by the system.

    But something went wrong during the fusion!

    The divine body was sealed, and what sealed it was actually a shield with trillions of HP!

    Only by breaking the shield can the divine body be unlocked.

    In desperation, Lin Yi embarked on the road of seeking death, and asked all the strong men on Douluo Continent to fight for him.

    The system also guarantees that rewards will be generated based on the amount of blood dropped from the shield.

    As long as a reward can be generated, a critical strike will be triggered, and an additional higher quality reward will be given to Lin Yi!

    The higher the damage received, the richer the rewards will be!

    Bibi Dong: “Are you really looking for death?”

    Lin Yi: “Really, I beg my sister to work harder!”

    Qian Renxue: “I’ll go, you will actually lose treasure if you hit you?!”

    Lin Yi: “Your damage is too low to trigger the purple prize pool. If you use a little force to trigger the black prize pool, the red prize pool is not a dream!”

    Chen Xin: “I don’t believe that I can’t break Lin Yi’s shield, from now on I will come to kill him twice a day!”

    Lin Yi: “Hey, I don’t even bother to expose you, you are clearly looking at the breakthrough spar that fell from the broken shield! Despicable!”

    Please, please stop scraping! I am in a hurry to break the shield!

    Ask online, who is the strongest person on the Douluo Continent, even if the divine body can’t be unsealed, just use the damage to trigger a golden prize pool for me!

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