Dreambreaker: The Extra from the year 2393


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    I smile. I know I smile. I just don't know when.

    “Entropy?” After all, the blood in my veins dried up decades ago, only dust remains.

    “Ephemera?” My begging longingness—all of my dreams, devoured by void. Left is but an empty shell—hollow inside.

    “Life?” Paradox.

    “Death?” Cold, but equal for all. Just like the blood in my heart's arteries and veins— frozen—time immemorial.

    “Universe?” Its fabric—time and space, wrapped around like some illusion, a grand simulation—just like that dream...faint, but there.

    “Dream?” I couldn't tell...very...disorderly like chaos, like silhouette in the mist, hard to capture, it's memory very faint.



    “Are you there?”



    Reality fiction.

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