Extra And MC

Extra And MC

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    One Hero Is Not Enough To Save The World.


    Amael, the hero, singlehandedly wiped out more than half of the entire demon race all on his own and even won against the demon king. This should have put him at ease but unfortunately for the human race, the demon king and his race were fated to come back to life again after thousands of years, just like it's always been.

    “You may have won this time Amael, but the next time, there'll be no one as powerful enough as you to save this world” the demon king cackled with a malicious laughter as he faded away.

    “This is only a temporary peace...”

    “Very well then... If this is what I must do to completely eradicate them, then I will”

    Amael then made a decision. A decision he had hoped would ensure the safety of the future for generations to come.


    “We were supposed to be dead, but when we both woke up, we found ourselves in this new world... a world that was all too familiar to both of us”

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