Fallen Chronicles

Fallen Chronicles

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    Renji had many exes.

    However, these exes were all fictional characters in a post-apocalyptic game.

    As an absolute devotee of strength, whenever a character became useless in the game, Renji would strip them of their equipment, claim their resources, and relegate them to the background as caretakers, giving the best to new powerful characters.

    Of course, Renji always insisted that this was temporary, all in the name of advancing in the game and saving this precarious post-apocalyptic world!


    These “Fictional Characters” didn't seem to see it that way.

    When Renji, with his emphasis on strength and meticulous planning, fulfilled his mission as the “savior,” putting an end to the source of Tainted Miasma in the wasteland and becoming the first to achieve a “perfect clearance.”

    He unexpectedly found himself transported to the game's second stage.

    He had thought he would soar directly, living a carefree life, but Renji realized that things were not quite as he had imagined.

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