From Today, I'm a Player

From Today, I'm a Player

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    Hunters getting sponsored by their Sponsors, and amongst them, the most dazzling 12 heroes of them all. They claim themselves to be Gods and started Eden.

    Eden ruled the world.

    That was the era that Lee Jun-Kyeong had been living in. Hunters rule the world that normal citizens are living in, like domesticated animals.

    However, Lee Jun-Kyeong had a special book in his possession. It was about the life story of a forgotten yet true hero, the Demon King.

    One day, one of the 12 heroes, Athena, came looking for him.

    ‘It’s the past? Over a hundred years ago? When Hunters first started appearing?’

    However, he fell back into the past. The Demon King’s sponsor, The Sky of the Apocalypse, had sponsored him instead.

    Although he walked a similar path as what the Demon King took…

    ‘It wouldn’t be the same as the Demon King’s.’

    I dreamt of a much better future than the Demon King; using the very same power that the Demon King had, I would become a Player above all hunters.

    ‘From today, I’m a Player.’

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