Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback

Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback

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    After failing her tribulation, Ye Leng’an returned to the first world.

    In her previous life, she was the fake daughter everyone in the Ye family hated. With the real daughter around, she seemed even more worthless in comparison. Meanwhile, the real daughter was adored by everyone. Ultimately, Ye Leng’an was tortured and killed by the real daughter’s admirers. She suffered a terrible end.

    After she died, her soul transmigrated into the cultivation realm. Thanks to her hard work, she cultivated until the tribulation period, and she was only one step away from ascending as an immortal. However, during her tribulation, she failed because of her inner demons from her time in the first world.

    In this lifetime, she returned with all her glory. She was no longer a loser.

    Hehe. Now that she had reincarnated, she wanted to regain the honor that once belonged to her. Anyone who stood in her way would be annihilated.

    Was the real daughter a medical genius who had the potential to become a miracle doctor?

    Apologies, but Ye Leng’an was the real deal who could bring the dead back to life. She had spiritual pills that countless bigshots would kill for!

    Was the real daughter a computer genius who could easily access any part of the internet?

    Apologies, but Ye Leng’an was the one who invented the internet. She was like God, who could control who lived or died in it.

    Ye Leng’an reincarnated in the world of cultivation and took the world by storm.

    While countless bigshots found themselves falling head over heels in love with her, a mysterious man who had secretly had a powerful background directly pulled her into his arms. “You belong to me, Honey,” he announced.

    Ye Leng’an helplessly rolled her eyes. “This guy really does get jealous easily!”

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