Harem In The Intergalactic Apocalypse

Harem In The Intergalactic Apocalypse

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    Truck-Kun strikes again, but Dan isn't heading to a fantasy world; it's coming to him! Dan will have to figure things out on his own, waking up with a strange new power and his head in a pretty girl's lap!

    A crazy voice claiming to be an AI named Orphus tells him the world is about to change, and a battle of good and evil will tear the entire world apart. Dan isn't told he is the only Hero out of the thousands of humans that received special powers!

    The Truth of the AI might change everything, but as far as Daniel can see, the AI are a problem that he needs to deal with. This journey is only just beginning, more danger is on the horizon, and Daniel finds out that the problems he faces now are just a warm-up for the actual challenge.

    Even if the universe turns against Daniel, he must stand tall and face it all. There isn't anyone else who can do it; he is the only Hero in a universe trying to tear itself apart.

    The Hero isn't alone.

    Daniel will have the help of his girls, those close to him, and friends he makes along the way. Get ready for a journey that stretches past the limits of your imagination, the known universe!

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