His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy

His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy

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    Volume One: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy (COMPLETE)

    Volume Two: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful (COMPLETE)

    Volume Three: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult (COMPLETE)

    Volume Four: His Beautiful Teacher is a Little Naïve (Ongoing)

    Complete blurbs in 1st Chapter!

    Book 1: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy

    She has one desire: to live a normal life.

    Hu Lei decides to fulfill her lifelong dream by returning to Supreme City after more than a decade around the globe.

    Her brand new life starts on a bland note, but everything changes when she clinches a position as an interpreter for the handsome but reserved Zhong Feng.

    Zhong Feng thinks that his new interpreter is cute. Though her arrogance is a little too much, she has enough skill to back it up. He also realizes that she can be quite foolish and naughty. Still, he finds himself drawn to her, unable to extricate himself.

    Unfortunately, this harmlessly sweet girl has some secrets that could threaten the happy future he has envisioned.

    For example:

    She used to be a ninja.

    She might have killed a few people.

    Her father is a mad scientist.


    “Oh, is the evil emperor unhappy?” she giggled drunkenly.

    She leaned closer across the table.

    “If you keep sighing, you won’t find a girlfriend.”

    The immortal-like man did not respond to her childish provocation.

    “Are you angry? Don’t worry. If you can’t find anyone, I will be your girlfriend.” She declared proudly.

    “Why should I accept you as my girlfriend?” His deep voice to caress the girl, and it made her sink deeper into her intoxication.

    “Humph! You would be lucky to have me as your better half. I am incredibly cute with a huge rack. I have an incredibly high IQ.” Her voice lowered into a conspiratorial whisper. “And I have never had a boyfriend, so I would be completely yours.”

    “You have convinced me. You can be my girlfriend.” His eyes glinted with evil intent.

    “You think that will work? You are a hundred years too early to outsmart me. If you want me to be your girlfriend, you must show some sincerity. As an evil emperor, you must understand that my expectations are quite high. You will need to give me some treasures, feed me, dismiss your harem and entertain me. A cultivation manual would also not be bad.”

    “Very well.” He responded with a smile.


    Book 2: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful

    #HiddenBoss #Faceslapping

    Anyone who has met or even heard of Kaito knows that his interest is never a good thing.

    But Yamazaki Akira is not afraid of him because she is powerful [even though no one believes her].

    When Takahashi Kaito [assassin extraordinaire, famous leader of Shadow Brotherhood and self-proclaimed senior brother of Hu Lei] takes up a mission to investigate Yamazaki Akira and her connection to a certain psychopathic doctor, his interest is perked up.

    He decides to unravel the secrets of Akira’s life. While she seems to be a perfectly normal young woman with a budding career as a chef, he has been in the underworld business long enough to know when someone is hiding something.

    Setting aside his busy life for the sake of satisfying his curiosity, Kaito takes up the role of the self-indulgent prodigal young master of the wealthy Takahashi family in Mountain Ridge City.

    Yamazaki Akira has always lived and loved an independent life. But in a moment of weakness, she allows her biological parents to find her. She is reluctant, but she agrees to move to Mountain Ridge City to reconnect with them.

    She thinks that it could not be too bad. In any case, she has been planning on opening a new restaurant in the affluent city.

    But things aren’t always so simple.

    And the main problem is the handsome man who keeps showing up before her and trying to seduce her, claiming that fate brought them together.

    Why does she feel like his evil gaze is hiding ulterior motives?

    Book 3: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult

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