History's Strongest Son-In-Law Living With The In-Laws

History's Strongest Son-In-Law Living With The In-Laws

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    Left disfigured after an unfortunate accident, Shen Lang, a doctor, has become so ugly that no one dares to look at him. This makes him decide to become a noble spirit instead and save lives along war-torn borders. He lives a lonely life, remaining single until a bomb takes his life.

    At that fateful moment, he swears that if he can live again and get his handsome face back, he would use his charm to flirt with the most beautiful woman and live an extremely relaxed life.

    He transmigrates to another world and in this life, he has the body of an absolutely handsome man. However, the said owner of this body is a live-in son-in-law, one who was chased out for being a useless moron, of a wealthy merchant.

    In order to fulfill his goal of living an extremely relaxed life, Shen Lang finds his way to become the new son-in-law of the ‘Goddess’ of the much more influential Palace of the Earl. Yet the only way he can truly live a relaxed and enjoyable life is to eradicate all his enemies, and all those who seek to bring the Palace of the Earl down!

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