How the Zergs were Made

How the Zergs were Made

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    In this dawn age, we wake up.

    Will use countless pairs of eyes to study our home world, and the surrounding environment, we walk as one, build shelters for the bee colony, develop industry, research new technologies, and make use of various resources on the earth.

    Soon, we will be all over the world.

    A small number of autonomous bee colonies were created, and were added to the colony as independent individuals.

    These more powerful swarms have limited free will, but they still obey the highest will incomparably, just like other tool swarms.

    As we completely dominate the planets, the will begins to pay attention to those worlds orbiting in other orbits. The smartest autonomous bee swarms have designed new ways of travel, giving us the ability to cross the long distances between planets.

    Our swarm will soon become more prosperous.

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