I Am The Game's Villain

I Am The Game's Villain

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    Reincarnation in a game as the Main Antagonist.

    It could be a novel itself, but that was what I dragged myself into. In the famous and successful game [Princess And Dragon]

    As if my life wasn't shitty enough, a bastard brought me in that hardcore violent Dating Sim Game and in the body of the worst villain and [Major Antagonist Edward Falkrona]

    If I want to survive, I have to become strong.

    If I want to be strong, I have to join the Academy and by joining the Academy, I will meet these guys...

    Yeah, I'm obviously speaking about the Protagonist, the Main Heroines, the Villainess and all the villains.

    Am I destined to watch that protagonist build his harem in front of me?!

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