I Attained Invincibility In The Real World

I Attained Invincibility In The Real World

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    In the real world, martial arts have resurged. Chen Sheng, tired of city life, returned to his hometown and awakened an attribute panel, along with a skill.

    [Body of Breakthrough: Through training, your physical qualities have limitless growth, and the training effect will not diminish.]

    One year later, Chen Sheng held his breath and focused his energy, lightly striking his fist towards the mountain in front of him. In an instant, the mountain crumbled and the earth split. The mountain disintegrated instantly.

    “Did you see that?”

    “That's the Crumbling Fist of Thousand Move Fists.”

    “Once you reach this level, you can be considered an entry-level practitioner.”

    The disciples were dumbfounded.

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