I Became The Mafia Boss Inside The Novel

I Became The Mafia Boss Inside The Novel

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    [Heroes of The New Age]

    A novel that recently rose to the rankings due to its popularity among the readers.

    It was praised for its nuance, complexity and lovely characters. However, it also quickly fell of because of the author's decisions later on.

    Elias Roan or Eroan, the amateur author of the novel, couldn't help but scoff and laugh upon seeing the state of the novel.

    The novel was created by him during the worst times of his life.

    It was a work written of extreme negative emotions and anger, not nuance and complexity.

    It was bullshit and nonsense—although... that didn't mean he didn't put any thought to it at all.

    It's popularity is testament to how hard he thought to write it. It's popularity is just something he didn't expect.

    Regardless, it was still a novel he did not like at all, even if it brought him money. As a matter of fact, if someone asked him if he was willing to live inside the world... he would answer no without hesitation.

    After all, it was a world headed to destruction.


    “I'm fucked.”

    I, Elias Roan, am thoroughly, completely, overwhelmingly fucked by fate and my odds of living.

    He was transmigrated inside his own novel.

    “...What's this? I'm the successor of a Mafia family imprisoned? How am I supposed to enroll in the academy and kill that bastard?”

    Not as an main character, not as an villain.

    But a complete extra that does not even appear in the story. In the depths of prison, the foreign soul of crime awakens.

    This is the rise of the Extra, the Godfather of Crime.

    “No. I must escape this prison. No matter what.”

    Beware demons that lurk in shadows, the devil has arrived.

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