I Can Peek Inside Every Place And Even Record It

I Can Peek Inside Every Place And Even Record It

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    Ciel reincarnated into a cultivation world, a vast world full of wealth and beauty.

    However, he finds life as a reincarnator is not as easy as he imagined.

    In all his years of cultivation, he was never able to live like the main character. There was no day without suffering until one day, he obtained one of the Legendary Nine Heavenly Treasures - the Eyes of Heaven.

    With those eyes, he could peer anywhere, through any wall and formation. Most importantly, no one could detect it.

    Filled with excitement, he boldly peeked into the palace of the Ice Goddess, which had recently been frequented by the Elf Queen.

    What did he find?

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    #No NTR

    Maybe you will think NTR about the relationship between the Elf Queen and the Ice Goddess, but believe me it's only the beginning, later you will find a surprising plot twist.

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