I Dragged My Fiance's Uncle off the Altar

I Dragged My Fiance's Uncle off the Altar

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    To exact revenge on her fiance who cheated on her, Xing Shu plotted against her fiance’s uncle, Cheng Lang. “Was my nephew unable to please you?”

    On a large, messy bed, Cheng Lang pinched Xing Shu’s chin. The black Buddhist bracelet around his wrist swayed from side to side. Everyone said Cheng Lang was a religious man who stayed away from women.

    However, after sleeping with him for a night, Xing Shu expressed how it was actually easy to manipulate him. She only needed to say sweet things to him in a soft, gentle voice, and he’d give her anything she wanted.

    “Mr. Cheng is only putting on a show with Xing Shu. He’ll dump her very soon!”

    “Xing Shu is a shameless woman. Mr. Cheng would never fall for someone with ulterior motives like her!”

    Everyone in Jing City waited for her to make a fool of herself, but nobody knew how Cheng Lang pinned her against the bed at night. “Xing Shu, mention getting a divorce again if you dare.”

    Ever since then, Cheng Lang, a man who once belonged on the altar, was brought down by Xing Shu. He experienced what it felt like to be in a relationship like a normal person, and he found joy in it.

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