I Reincarnated During the Apocalypse and Killed My Enemies

I Reincarnated During the Apocalypse and Killed My Enemies

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    Fu Shinan reincarnated an hour before the apocalypse. Fortunately, she received a system that could enhance everything! This made her a big shot in the terrifying apocalypse. To survive, she made the greatest amount of preparation in the shortest amount of time possible.

    While taking revenge on scumbags and b*tches, she didn't forget when she rushed home to take her family with her in the previous lifetime. That was when she bumped into her fiance and stepsister having sex in bed. Her biological father even helped to hide it. In fact, he fed her to the zombies just to lure them away...

    After reincarnating, she took revenge on these people and embarked on a new journey. Along the way, she met a well-rounded, handsome man, Ji Ju. Initially, she only wanted to live happily and not waste her life. However, she somehow became the owner of the largest base for survivors.

    “Sorry, but I'm not interested in being the owner. I want to become the bigshot!” Fu Shinan exclaimed with a cold expression.

    “Okay. In that case, I'll be the man who supports you. We'll set up the base and create a wonderful home for our future,” Ji Ju said.

    Fu Shinan was enraged. She glared at the man who climbed atop her. “Get lost. Who would build a base on a bed?”

    “Shh... I know you're tired. That's why we'll create our heir and let him do the work. You're still the big shot!”

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