I Woke Up as the Villain

I Woke Up as the Villain

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    Working overtime as usual, I fell asleep for a moment only to wake up as the villain of a novel.

    “Well, it’s a common cliche. Even the fact that I’ll meet my fate and die. Dammit.”

    I needed to find a way.

    How to survive after possessing the villain of a novel. Number one:

    “Make as many allies as possible.”

    Number two:

    “Get strong enough to protect myself.”

    Lastly, number three:

    “Never, ever get close to that prideful, crazy, insane dog of a reincarnate.”

    But what’s this?

    The original owner of the body’s already caused an accident.

    “Why don’t I just use money to kill the reincarnate before he regains his power? Are you crazy? Then who’s going to stop the demon king?”

    Survival of Choi Yoo-Sung, the villain who craves to live a leisurely life rather than becoming the strongest. This is the start of his possession +survival, raid fantasy(?)!

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