Is this really a Game?!

Is this really a Game?!

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    The year is 2060 and after decades of technological delay caused by mysterious events Earth and its inhabitants are about to face their greatest challenge yet. One, seemingly normal day everyone on Earth heard a voice.

    {Earthlings, the time has come for change, please stay calm and wait for the terraforming process, everything will be explained during it}

    Every human being was transported that fateful day, floating in space and watching the planet be transformed right in front of their eyes.

    “I got a fcking stick as a reward, are you fcking kidding me?!”

    Reign was there before most, as a human that defeated a monster before the terraforming he was titled a pioneer and got a chance to draw a lottery, but that did not end quite well.

    Join our protagonist with his quirky group of friends as they fight and level up in this world that became a game, trying their best to win it and stop the destruction of Earth.

    Will they be successful or will they fail?

    What is the mysterious power hiding deep inside Reign?

    Find that all out by reading Is This Really a Game?!

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