It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

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    Sun Hao traveled to a world of cultivating immortals.

    Unable to cultivate, he practices the guqin, chess, calligraphy, poetry, wine, and flower tea are all in the supreme realm.

    He didn’t know: The pet on his farm was the Nine Heavens God Luan.

    The lotus in the pond is a peerless demon.

    The guard outside the door is the ruler of Thunder Tribulation.

    Later, he discovered: The swordsman who picked up his broken hatchet became the peerless generation of swordsman;

    the scholar who often listened to him to chant became the ancestor of Buddhism;

    the girl who came to learn to play the guqin with him became the supreme demon clan.

    … Sun Hao sat on the throne of Heavenly Emperor, with a shocked expression on his face: Am I a Dao Ancestor?

    I take the heaven and the earth as the disc and all beings as my sons, and create a shocking situation?

    I do not know how?

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