Masters of Faith Medieval

Masters of Faith Medieval

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    Lu Fan was a member of a declined martial arts family age 23 years old, his mother died from giving birth to his little sister, a while later, His father died in a traffic accident. His grandmother and sisters are the only family member he had left in the world. namely

    Lu Ai Min (12)

    Lu Fen Ya (18)

    Grandma Lu Mei (53)

    as a martial artist his father had taught him everything he knew within martial arts.

    Their clan before was the leading Martial Artist clan in the Warring Era of china. they contributed alot even with the unification of china. but as peace passed, generations by generations, their family was forgotten by time, and with the changes of Government leaders, their Family was left in the dust, since this new Leaders don't know their history, why should they care. they only gave his family a monthly pension of 30 RMB, which they used for daily necessities and for the studies of Lu Ai Ming, and Lu Fen Ya.

    Lu Fan worked as a part timer for 6 works, 20 hours a day, luckily, with his martial arts, he can easily go without much sleep.

    But Faith was not within him, as the three of his only family member, died in a train accident.

    Full of Grief he was ready to commit suicide, then he found a letter in his sisters' room, there were words in them saying ”LIVE ON BROTHER“.

    Lu Fan, worked and worked, then there was a new game that was releasing. called ”Masters of Faith Medieval“ he bought the game helmet worth 18,000RMB all the money he saved for his sisters when for their studies.

    Lu Fan played the game for a year, and He became addicted to it, With the help of his martial arts He became the #1 Assassin. But being an assassin, within the Empire game didn't get him any advantages. only ruin After the 1st year of the game's release, it updated its system ”Empire War“, He can't join the guild because Lu Fan was famous for being the #1 assassin, Meaning he was a hire for kill, if he Back-stab their leaders in critical moments. It would be tragic.

    Lu Fan sighed then quit the game and sold his account. but when he was about to buy his dinner, Destiny played a huge joke, as he died. after saving a girl that was almost hit by a truck.

    But exactly when he closed his eyes. a warm light fell to him, when he opened his eyes, he came back to time when his sister and grandmother had died.

    Watch as Lu Fan Remake his new Legend! Join us in Masters of Faith Medieval and follow Lu Fan's Journey to become the GOD!

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