MMORPG: Strongest Assassin Online

MMORPG: Strongest Assassin Online

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    The biggest and highly anticipated full dive VRMMORPG: Nova online was set to launch in a few days.

    Alex Quinn a 20 years old college student who loved games had been waiting patiently for the release.

    But when the game was release, it took the world by surprise, being the highest played game in the world in just four months and quickly shutting down all other gaming companies, but the problem for Alex was the cost.

    Alex worked two part time job just to buy the cheapest VR helmet for the game, and then he began his adventure with excitement and hope to be one of the top players.

    But fate has something different planned out for him.



    [Welcome to Nova Online]

    Do you want to create history or help others create history.

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