Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

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    A sham marriage? House arrest? Dream girl?

    After years of marrying Wen Jin, Yu Anwan felt her love and passion for him deplete completely.

    Forget it. One would never see the arrival of a boat at an airport, and a heart that didn’t love you would never warm up for you.

    Yu Anwan completed the divorce procedures, and then disappeared without a trace.

    Wen Jin had thought he wouldn’t care, but when he saw the empty bedroom, he panicked.

    “Yu Anwan, where are you?” Six years later, Yu Anwan made a stunning comeback with two children in hand.

    Wen Jin stared at the children in shock.

    “I’m your daddy.”

    Elder Yu and Younger Yu shook their heads.

    “No, you’re not. Mommy says that our Daddy died!” Wen Jin was speechless. He silently swore to never let her leave ever again.

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