Mom's Antics on Social Media Went Viral

Mom's Antics on Social Media Went Viral

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    Fu Xin woke up and found herself as a mother on a reality show, where she had abused her biological son into depression, faced online boycott, and ultimately became a disgraced mother.

    However, Fu Xin remained unfazed because the plot had yet to begin. As long as she acted badly enough, she wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

    So, when the program started, while other mothers were getting up early, preparing delicious breakfast, coaxing their babies to wake up, and worrying about their temper tantrums, Fu Xin and her son had a different approach.

    The five-year-old little one would get up on his own, tidy himself up, and tirelessly try to wake his mom up! He would climb trees to get bird eggs, fish in the river, and dig snakes in the fields, leaving his dear mother worried.

    Fu Xin claimed that she only wanted to act badly, but her little one was so amazing that he became the “most desired baby by netizens of the year,”. It was to the point that people even wanted to steal him by putting him in a sack. It was evident how popular her little one was.

    Naturally, Fu Xin gained attention as well.

    This made netizens bitter, and they started to make sarcastic comments. They claimed Fu Xin was a discarded woman from a wealthy family, and her rich husband never showed up.

    Unexpectedly, the next moment, the rumored CEO, known for not returning home and rarely appearing in public, sent out lawyer letters personally.

    Fu Xin: “What’s going on? How come this wealthy husband, who never appeared in the original story, is joining the fray?”

    Jiang Yi: “Our son and I waited for you for a lifetime in our previous life. Finally, in this life, we have you back!”

    Fu Xin: “So, I transmigrated… into myself?!”

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