Mr. Ye's Wife is Sassy and Flirtatious

Mr. Ye's Wife is Sassy and Flirtatious

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    Rong Qi, who had been labeled a fool, was married off to a crippled man with a predicted short lifespan, becoming the subject of ridicule in the entire city. However, after her marriage, Rong Qi began to assert herself and retaliate against her detractors.

    Her parents said, “A fool like you has no place at this important party.”

    Undeterred, Rong Qi arrived at the event dressed impeccably. “Who’s the fool now? Did you know I’m the world’s top designer?”

    Her stepmother sneered, “You can’t possibly get admitted to the number one college in Leucia, you silly girl.”

    But Rong Qi insisted on entering with a book in hand. “I’m not here to study. I’m a specially appointed lecturer.”

    Ladies from all walks of life stopped her from entering the operating room. “Stop pretending. You’re wicked. Stay away from Mr. Ye!”

    “Shut up, or I’ll shut you up with a single jab!” Rong Qi yelled with a cold expression on her face.

    The fool had risen. The people of the city clamored, “Mr. Ye, please keep an eye on your wife!”

    “I apologize for spoiling her so much…” Mr. Ye replied.

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