My Backyard is the Tang Dynasty

My Backyard is the Tang Dynasty

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    After opening the ancient well in his backyard, Li Yin’s life has changed since then!

    Sixth Prince Li Yin? 21st century otaku Li Yin? He can travel freely between the two worlds, what kind of life should he choose?

    Harem? Hegemony? trickery? Is that all?

    No! With the advantages of modern technology, he wants to build his fiefdom into the economic center of the world, and the world map will be filled with his colonies…

    PS: This is written about the Tang Dynasty, but it is a parallel time and space. There is no need for historical burdens, and it will be a little different from the real Tang Dynasty. Please don’t be serious about the textual research party, because some small details like titles are annoying. This is not what I wanted, thank you!

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