My CEO Husband Can Hear My Inner Thoughts

My CEO Husband Can Hear My Inner Thoughts
装了两年舔狗后大佬突然能读心了, My Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by My CEO Husband

My CEO Husband Can Hear My Inner Thoughts

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    Qi Laiyan was a tycoon worth billions. Due to a special gene in his body, he possessed a body that never got sick.

    But he could only live to 50 years old.

    After his death, half of his estate would belong to his contractual wife.

    One day, Qi Laiyan, whose body had never had any issues, suddenly started coughing.

    His darling wife, who loved him desperately and only cared about the man not the money, rushed to the hospital in the freezing wind, grabbing him and crying until she was a tearful mess.

    “Why did you suddenly start coughing, honey! What will I do without you?!” She cried hoarsely, so despairing.

    Qi Laiyan looked at this scene he had anticipated long ago, feeling nothing but annoyance.

    Just as he was about to chase the woman away as usual,

    A voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

    [Good boy, is this coughing? This is hitting the jackpot for me!] [How will I live? Of course by inheriting your assets and dancing on your grave after the seventh day following your death!]

    Hearing this voice identical to his teary-eyed, soft-gazed yet desperate little darling wife, Qi Laiyan fell silent.

    Unsure, listen further…

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