My CEO Husband Has Some Issues

My CEO Husband Has Some Issues

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    “My pants are already off. Stopping now would be a bit redundant, don’t you think?”

    Everyone knew the cool, aristocratic Chairman Li was sick, but only Rong Yan knew the man was problematic and sick in the head. That day, she was accosted at the bedroom entrance. Long arms held her against her will as the man leaned into her ear and whispered, “Marry me.” Rong Yan struggled to no avail. Frustrated, she said, “I have a boyfriend of five years.”

    “You mean my son is your boyfriend?”

    For her baby boy, she was willing to secretly marry this billionaire chairman. From then on, he held the knife for her kills, and poured the gasoline as she set fires. Everyone knew the chairman was possessive and paranoid—and Rong Yan was his bottom line. The five-year-old Li Duidui was at a loss. When Daddy and Mommy fought, was he supposed to help clear up the misunderstanding or close the door on them…

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