My Demon Hunting System

My Demon Hunting System

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    Ary's life takes a drastic turn when he is chosen as a warrior to end the tyranny of the demon king.

    “What? Me? A Warrior?” Ary couldn't believe his ears. He was just an ordinary boy.

    “Yes, Ary. You have the potential to become a great Warrior,” said the deity who appeared before him in the Realm of Endless Potentials.

    With his newfound powers and the help of his angel weapon, Ary fights against the demon race that includes demon lords, demon commanders, demon emperors and royal demons.

    As he journeyed on, he uncovered the mystery of his dark past, discovering that the demon king was responsible for the death of his family.

    Determined to overthrow the demon king, Ary continued on his quest, and the Book of Almita helped him to overcome any obstacle and bring him success, but the path filled with many death threats only led to a miserable end unless you're lucky enough to withstand it all. Will he be able to avenge his family and bring peace to the heavenly realms, or just meet a miserable end like his parents?

    Follow him on his journey, from an ordinary warrior to the Legendary Demon Hunter!

    [WARNING:- Mature Content!]

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