My Dreamwalker System

My Dreamwalker System

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    Xander Nyxon was born with a gift: the ability to lift the veil of sleep and travel to the world beyond. He is one of the few rare individuals who can enter dreams and nightmares at will.

    While most Dreamwalkers ply their trade on the Dreamscape, Xander Nyxon is one of the reckless few who travels to the Nightscape seeking answers from the deceased. However, walking through nightmares is a perilous task even for the most experienced Dreamwalker.

    A thin veil separates the real world from the realm beyond, holding the terrors of the Nightscape at bay. But things quickly go wrong when a group of cultists cause the wall between the worlds to crumble. What happens when dreams and nightmares merge with the real world and twisted Ethereals start clawing their way out of the Nightscape?


    Xander was lifted off his feet and pushed back several paces. He desperately tried to get back on the ground, but his legs kept dangling mid-air.

    “I knew you’d be coming,” the mysterious figure whispered, pulling his hood back to reveal a hideous face riddled with scars. He was blind in the left eye and all his teeth were grimy black.

    “What the hell are you freaks up to?” Xander growled, desperately trying to break free from the cultist’s grasp. “Who are you guys?”

    The cultist smiled at this and replied, “Our names are inconsequential, Dreamwalker. But I think you already know what we are up to. Our world is plagued by sin. It is time for it to be cleansed by the Dark Deity’s blessing!”

    What to expect?

    1. Dungeons.

    2. Magic.

    3. Creatures from folklore, myth and fantasy.

    4. A level-up system with skill upgrades.

    5. Mystery and adventure.

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