My Goddess is Good at Pretending

My Goddess is Good at Pretending

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    Imagination was the eye of the soul, the beginning of creation.

    Despite her immense power, the Supreme Goddess of Mysterious Origin had to seal herself after saving the world from the threat of destruction. However, she was sent to another world by the universe's will.

    Ely was a girl suffering from partial memory loss. She was known as the shrine priestess of the Sacred Mountain. One day, she received the holy mission to unseal her Goddess Master. She got her priorities straight. However...

    The pets she adopted became the Demon Kings, capable of suppressing the world. The tree she planted became the World Tree, forming a bridge between heaven and earth.

    The passerby who received enlightenment from her became the Sage who led the entire generation. The disciples she nurtured became bigshots known across the three worlds.

    When she looked back... The street painter who pestered her for her handicrafts and paintings turned out to be a God. The young priestess she recruited was actually the number one saintess from the Divine World.

    She was known as the holy saintess. Yet, she still referred to herself as a mortal.

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