My Life Can Be Infinitely Simulated

My Life Can Be Infinitely Simulated

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    Gu Yang crossed over to a high-martial world, eked out a living in small village for two years, and finally saved up enough and activated the Life Simulator system.

    With a certain amount of money, a simulation can be run.

    After the simulation ends, one of the three can be retained: realm, martial arts skills, or life wisdom.

    [For five years you were an accountant, saved up enough money to buy a cultivation manual, practiced hard for ten years and became a Ninth Realm martial artist, but then ran into an enemy and died!]

    [Once you left the mountains, you were at the Ninth Rank, became a protector of a certain family, practiced intensely for twenty years, broke through to the Eighth Grade, and ultimately, died of old age in a small town.]

    [Once you left the mountains, you were at Eighth Grade, received recognition from a noble clan, were taught profound martial arts, but due to slow progress, were marginalized, and after a dozen years, you finally broke through to the seventh grade, but then encountered powerful foes on a mission and were killed.]

    After countless rounds of simulations: [You encounter people, but none are a match for you. You realize that you have become invincible.]

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