My Longevity Simulation

My Longevity Simulation

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    The path of immortality is nigh unachievable.

    Furthermore, the immortal world has been completely transformed by a plague!

    When immortals contact infected mortals, their cultivation bases fall, or worse, they return to the heavens; thus, the immortal and mortal realms have been eternally separated.

    Moreover, all immortal arts may only have one practitioner; thus, the world of immortality has become a dark forest.

    Although Li Fan had grand ambitions when he first transmigrated to this world, he could only be trapped in mediocrity, slowly wasting away his mundane life.

    Fortunately, as he was dying, he finally awakened a supreme treasure that could turn truth into lie and reality into dream, reversing time to when he first arrived!

    Following this, Li Fan embarked on his endless path to immortality!

    In his second life, Li Fan ascended through politics and ruled the world after 50 years, but after searching worldwide, he found no trace of the Immortal Dao. Only at the end of his life could he glimpse the immortal path.

    In the third life, despite immense efforts and carefully laid schemes, Li Fan ultimately couldn’t resist a single strike of an immortal’s sword!

    In the fourth life…

    I, Li Fan, an ordinary mortal, will harbor no regrets throughout a thousand lifetimes, all for the pursuit of immortality!

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