My Mother Has a System but Won't Use It

My Mother Has a System but Won't Use It

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    In the Sacred Lust Continent, where hundreds of Power Clans flourish – each boasting their unique Sacred Powers – lies the Starlight Family from Southern Lust.

    Within this clan, Han Li was born without a Starlight spark in his soul; nobody cared for him except his Mother, Yue Li. Only she had been his constant.

    Nothing seemed special about him.

    But destiny had a different plan for him. On the day of his 18th birthday, everything about him changes as he unexpectedly acquires the Demonic Lust Sutra...

    But his life didn't change due to the Sutra, but something entirely different—he saw something nobody had, nobody should.

    Moreover, his mom has a cheat much more potent than his?!

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