My Villain's System

My Villain's System

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    (Mature Content 18+)

    Villains? What do you think of that word?

    Yes, Demon, Cruel, Evil, Cunning, Troublemaker, and many more...

    And always inferior to the Protagonist, who many people always adore for being a hero to kill Villains.

    Lin Xian only realized that he had reincarnated into his own body at a young age but in a different dimension.

    Not on Earth but in the Regabugile Dimension, a place filled with powerful cultivators from various clans and levels.

    He had to choose the Villain's Path to get revenge on the Clan that massacred his Clan.

    “Indeed, my luck has never been good anywhere! Including in this Dimension!”

    But Lin Xian got full support from the system.


    [Bound System has been activated]

    [Helping the Host to become a Villain and Revenge]

    [Host Gets Special Gift]

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