My Wife Gets More Vicious The More I Spoil Her

My Wife Gets More Vicious The More I Spoil Her

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    [Super attractive girl who was sweet and obedient in appearance VS charming handsome guy]

    From the first day they met, Xie Xuan compared Lu Haiqiao to plain cotton candy.

    Cotton candy is soft and easy to pinch; it flattens when you squeeze it.

    Her elder sister troubled her? Redness started brimming around her eyes.

    The man she met through a blind date bullied her? She lowered her head and did not speak.

    A pickup artist who was also her superior at work targeted her? Beads of tears escaped her eyes.

    However, this little cotton candy who cried so much that she would melt anyone’s heart told Xie Xuan, “Let’s get married. I’ll protect you in the future.”

    Xie Xuan thought that he misheard her.

    Who would protect who?

    Was she pulling his leg?

    However, afterward…

    Her elder sister said, “Brother-in-law, help me put in a good word. Please convince my younger sister to let me go.”

    The man from her blind date said, “Lu Haiqiao, I’m sorry. I was wrong. I regret it. Please forgive me.”

    Her superior, “Ah, isn’t this Miss Lu? Come, come, this seat is yours. If you need anything, just tell me.”

    Xie Xuan, “?”

    He did not believe it until he saw with his own eyes how Little Cotton Candy pinched the cannon fodder girl’s chin and gave her an evil smile, “Xie Xuan is my man. You don’t even deserve to look at him. How dare you try to compete against me?”

    Xie Xuan, “…”

    How did his Little Cotton Candy evolve into a super-strong Mint candy?

    Perhaps the reason for her growing viciousness was because he spoilt her too much.

    At this moment, the cannon fodder lady still had something to say. “Then, do you know who Xie Xuan really is?”

    Hearing that, Lu Haiqiao fell silent.

    Damnit, so this damn man was better in acting than me?


    ‘If you pamper me, I will pamper you even more. Let us see who will come out as the pampering champion!’

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