On The Day Of My 100th Blind Date, I Arrested My Date

On The Day Of My 100th Blind Date, I Arrested My Date

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    Chen Yan’s 100th blind date went a little off tangent.

    He arrested his blind date.

    His blind date said, “Since we are on a blind date, let us be frank with each other.”

    She continued, “Your salary is too low and your house is small. To be honest, if it wasn’t for your good looks, our date would probably have ended here.”

    Clearly, she was not very satisfied with Chen Yan’s condition.

    She suggested, “Let’s do this. You put your house under my name and ask your family to get me another car worth half a million. Then, we can consider working this relationship out.”

    Chen Yan was a little hesitant and shocked. This girl was even more direct and materialistic than he had imagined.

    She said, “You don’t have to spend a cent to put your house under my name. As for the car…to be honest, that amount is only worth a month of my salary.”

    She chided, “You are hesitant even when asked to do such simple things. You are such a miser.”

    She concluded, “Humph. I have no other business with you. I shall take my leave now.”

    Chen Yan’s blind date put on an arrogant expression. She had announced the final outcome of this blind date.

    However, Chen Yan felt that it might be a little too rushed to end his 100th blind date just like that.

    He said, “Missy, it is debatable whether I am a miser. However, you can’t leave now even if you want to.”

    She retorted, “Why? As a police officer, do you plan on hounding me? Or do you want me to settle the bill? Ha! Waiter, bring me the bill!”

    Chen Yan could spot the contempt from his date’s arrogant gaze.

    Hounding her? Getting her to settle the bill?

    “You don’t have to settle the bill,” said Chen Yan expressionlessly as he took out a pair of silver handcuffs.

    He continued, “Please stand up and put your arms around your head. You are under arrest.”

    [Ding! Congratulations on completing your 100th blind date. The Strongest Police System has been activated.]

    [Ding! Congratulations on arresting one of the principal offenders of a cybercriminal group. As a reward, the gene lock on your olfactory receptor has been unlocked.]

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