Perspective-Golden Pupils

Perspective-Golden Pupils

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    Introduce: Xu Qing is the ordinary teenager of impulse of a directness this, extraordinary chance lets him have the eye of a pair of magical clairvoyance, the life that gives birth to him from now on is inconceivable change, fortune is at one's fingertips, gambling altar king appears in the sky, romantic encounter comes one after another…

    Protagonist: Xu Qing, male. By chance, he got the inheritance of clairvoyance divine eye. On his way to life, he used clairvoyance divine eye to get more opportunities. He learned that superpowers are not tools for personal gain, but weapons for responsibility.

    The female lead: Qin Bing, female, is the sister-in-law of the male lead, but in the parallel world she is high and mighty, the queen who makes people fear in their hearts.

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