Please Take Care of Me, Young Master Quan

Please Take Care of Me, Young Master Quan

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    In the peaceful Ning City, the Shen family had two lovely daughters. The elder Miss Shen, Shen Ru, was smart and capable, while the second Miss Shen, Shen Yan, was charming and beautiful.

    One day, a third daughter, Shen Wan, appeared.

    Shen Wan was quiet and unremarkable. She looked weak and helpless.

    Mr. Shen said, “Let her stay.”

    Mrs. Shen said, “A daughter born to a lowly woman is still lowly.”

    Shen Ru said, “She’s too plain and simple.”

    Shen Yan said, “Brother Qi dislikes unattractive things the most.”

    Shen Wan coldly smiled and thought, Don’t worry, take it easy. None of you can escape!’

    In her past life, Shen Wan lost all her blood, her organs were hollowed out, and she died on a cold operating table.

    She lived thirty years without having any children.

    In this life, she came for revenge. She carefully planned every step and turned Ning City upside down. But inadvertently, she drew the attention of a demon king.

    The people respectfully called Quan Hanting “Lord Six”. He was cold and heartless, and his identity was a mystery.

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    “I heard that when I was born, Papa was in so much pain that he almost died. Yeah, Mama bit him!”

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