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    Being thrown into the game-world of [Call of the Black Magicians], Adam was forced to survive with no prior information.

    Except for his memories of the Game-World and his name, he did not have any memories of his previous life.

    But fret not, even though the Game-World had many perils and was on the verge of extinction at every next step, it also had its beauty and magic, one to die for.

    With the authority of [Player], he could save and restart until he achieved his desired result.

    He could learn skills of the ‘NPCs’ and achieve the results like the ‘Players.’

    He could literally solo the entire game world to achieve his desired results. Whether he wants to save the world or destroy it, he could do it… as many times as he wishes.

    Even the [Black Magicians] won’t be able to do anything about it… probably.

    But was it all there was to it?

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    I guess not…


    In the World of Zarraf, their lives Gods, not all Gods are good and certainly none are without motives.

    They rule the world’s 7 nations:

    The Nation of Light and Sun

    The Nation of Water

    The Nation of Fire

    The Nation of Life

    The Nation of Earth

    The Nation of Moon

    The Nation of Wind

    Each ruled by a goddess that has their own stance in their ruling.

    But that is only the first page of this world.

    The second page colors the Ancient Gods of Corruption, Rage, Curse, Death and Hate.

    The third belongs the Seven Sins’ Incarnations that are ready to succeed the Ancient Gods.

    The Fourth is of the Witches who stand against all Gods equally.

    And the Final Page colors the [Immortals] or otherwise known as [Players] that will be summoned to bring Chaos to this world.

    A World that was meant to be destroyed.

    Such is the fate of the world of Zarraf, as powers beyond the realm of mortals threaten the dynamic equilibrium of their existence.

    In the end, the world was prophesied to be destroyed by one cause or another. Nothing could prevent looming destruction…

    Or so...

    It was supposed to happen…

    Hey, Author here to give a quick glance at a couple of things that are normally asked.

    Harem? Yes

    Romance? Yes

    System? Obviously

    Smut? Oh yes!

    Adventure RPG? Yes.

    Power Creeping? Not really.

    Overpowered? Depends on how you see it

    Smart MC? I guess so.

    Wise MC? Yes

    Something you need to know before you read

    The MC has the ability to [Save] a point (there are some conditions), with which he can return in time. So basically, he is an immortal. Though that doesn’t make him invincible from the start, rather he grows by making correct choices.

    The World is dynamic and pretty much anything can happen anytime. (It’s just my way of saying that there will be twists… pretty much unexpected ones as well).

    And then there will be solutions to those unexpected situations as well, depending upon the absurdity of it. (I won’t have any more plot armor since I gave him a pretty big buff of immortality, so everything will be connected and won’t just happen by luck. Everything will be cleared by the end of an arc, so you need to be patient before deciding on it.)

    It has a mix of everything. Thriller, Adventure, Action, Smut, Romance, Slice of Life, etc. so there is that as well.


    [Mature Warning: This Novel Contains R-18 Content!]

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