Reincarnated in a Novel World

Reincarnated in a Novel World

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    At the tender age of 14, a seemingly random but prodigious student experienced an extraordinary awakening of his talent. This momentous event also coincided, whether by fate or design, with the resurgence of his memories from a past life.

    Yet, these newly recovered memories brought an overwhelming despair. He realized that he had been living as a mere extra character in the popular 'Return as Strongest Player' novel.

    In a twist of fate, he discovered the activation of an enigmatic 'Another System,' adding an even deeper layer of complexity to his predicament.

    How would an extra character navigate such a dire threat to his very existence?

    As he braved these trials and tribulations, he unraveled a mystery surrounding the cryptic 'Another System.'

    But the greatest surprise still awaited him – a revelation that would not only shed light on the truth behind his reincarnation but also unveil the grand machinations of the Primordial God.

    The question remained, what lay beyond this earth-shattering revelation?

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