Reincarnation: Rogue Husband Here

Reincarnation: Rogue Husband Here

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    He hadn’t even met his so-called “fiancé” when he found himself labeled as an “abandoned husband.”

    Discussing marriage had always been a sensitive topic for him, but he ended up falling victim to a cunning plot that involved marriage, dowry theft, and a seemingly arrogant “high and mighty” family.

    Those individuals who posed as “orphans” and “villains” wore sinister grins on their faces.

    They audaciously conspired against this young master, ensuring that peace eluded his family day in and day out. And now, what was this?

    The supposed “orphan” had suddenly transformed into a royal grandson?!

    Tears welled up in Lin Yuxing’s eyes as he exclaimed, “My love, let’s continue our days of togetherness!”

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