Reincarnation Sim Game

Reincarnation Sim Game

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    This game has two choices: become a reincarnated hero in another world or receive a duty as a god who guides such people. A man chooses the latter and becomes Raymund, the god of hope. He was tasked to send heroes to grant people's prayers in the mortal world.

    After his heroes complete various missions, Raymund can choose a new one from the afterlife. That means he can make a harem of badass women!

    A gorgeous formidable warrior? A cute loli wizard? A sexy ninja, maybe? Or perhaps a lovely woman with a unique job class? The possibilities are endless.

    However, getting his heroines to complete missions is no easy feat. Raymund still had to think hard and make the right decisions.

    So, will Raymund and his women be able to answer those prayers?

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