Replacing Sister to Marry into a Wealthy Family

Replacing Sister to Marry into a Wealthy Family

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    After Bai Yin’s mother passed away, her father quickly brought his mistress and illegitimate daughter to the family home, while young Bai Yin was sent to live with her grandmother in the countryside.

    Years later, the family brought Bai Yin back home. Everyone assumed that she, having grown up in the countryside, would be unsophisticated and unable to fit in with high society.

    But no one expected the stunning woman who stepped out of the car, wearing a light blue qipao embroidered with exquisite su embroidery peonies, with long hair cascading down her shoulders. Her delicate features were like misty landscapes, and upon closer inspection, her eyes and brows were breathtakingly beautiful.

    She even outshone her half-sister, who had already gained some fame in the entertainment industry.

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