Rumor Has It That I'm Pregnant with His Highness' Child

Rumor Has It That I'm Pregnant with His Highness' Child

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    Yu Niaoniao transmigrated into ancient times and became the eldest daughter of an official’s family. Her father didn’t love her mother? No matter. As long as he gave them basic necessities! Her younger siblings didn’t take her seriously? That’s fine. Brats who don’t listen will be beaten a couple of times. There was no stir-fry in ancient times that was edible? Don’t panic, she’s a chef.

    Suddenly, a shocking rumor burst out in the capital. It was said that the eldest daughter of the Yu family was privately involved with Duke Lang, and was even pregnant with his child! All of that was merely rumors! However, before she could come forward and clarify it, an imperial decree came, bestowing marriage upon her and Duke Lang!

    Yu Niaoniao felt like she had been struck by lightning, and her whole body was numb. Who was Duke Lang? He was like a living King of Hell who held great power and killed people without feeling! He was so fierce that children would stop crying in his presence, and the faces of all the officials would pale when his name was brought up. Faced with the dangerous man walking towards her slowly,

    Yu Niaoniao trembled in fear. “Sob, sob, sob… I was wrong! I’m not pregnant!” Only to hear Duke Lang say, “ That’s fine. It’s not too late to get pregnant now.” Yu Niaoniao was speechless!

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