Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat

Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat

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    One day, Wang Ping joined a transmigrators' group chat, where each member could randomly transmigrate to different worlds and obtain their own exclusive cheats. Wang Ping thought he was about to reach the pinnacle of his life...

    “Wait, 60 out of 67 group members went offline? What happened?”

    “Ding, one group member was eliminated. Chen Kang, who joined the group chat at the same time as you, has died. He didn't survive for even ten seconds. All group members, please take this as a warning.”

    Wang Ping was stunned, instantly realizing that this transmigrators' group chat was a huge scam, with a high mortality rate among its members. Death could happen in the blink of an eye.

    Fortunately, Wang Ping awakened the Life Simulator!

    “Ding, Life Simulator activated, talent refreshing...”

    “Congratulations to the host for obtaining the golden talent—Holy Body, the legendary talent—Space-Time Celestial Body, and the legendary talent—Becoming Stronger By Taking In Disciples.”

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