Something's Wrong With My Wife

Something's Wrong With My Wife

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    Upon waking up, Luo Qingzhou became a lowly son of the Luo family, the ruling family of the Great Yan Empire.

    In order to help the second son of the Luo family break off his engagement, Luo Qingzhou was forced to marry a bride who was said to be mute and expressionless.

    It was not until after the wedding ceremony that he suddenly realized, “Something is wrong with my wife!”

    Not only was his wife strange, but even the two maidservants by her side and the other people in the Qin residence were also peculiar!

    The head maidservant was sweet and charming, with a voice as melodious as a lark.

    The junior maidservant was as cold as ice and had a heavy killing intent, ready to strike at any moment.

    The younger sister-in-law was talented and delicate, beautiful, and fragile.

    The cousin was proud and overbearing, wielding her whip with deadly precision.

    The father-in-law had a serious face but liked to curse behind closed doors.

    The mother-in-law was beautiful but often rolled her eyes.

    The second brother was solely focused on martial arts, claiming to bring glory to the family.

    As for Luo Qingzhou, all he wanted was to be a humble son-in-law, quietly and secretly dominating the world…

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