Star Gate

Star Gate

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    Traditional martial cultivation and a budding society of arcane abilities clash in modern Silver City. Are the tried and true paths better, or are flashy arts of overwhelming power the new world order?

    Li Hao is dragged out of normality by a song and the death of his childhood friend. Thrown into a war between old and new, he must decide which path to walk. Little do others know that the young man with an easy smile is the textbook definition of playing a pig to eat the tiger. It’s not a matter of finding those who hurt him, but how much he’ll make them pay.

    What will it be, qi or magic? But why do decisions always have to be black and white? Can’t he mix his own shade of gray? (etvo’s synopsis)


    According to legend, there is a red-colored portal somewhere in the starry sky that’s stained by blood and fire.

    Be it legends or myths, darkness or light, endless legends are flowing within this ancient gate.

    Overlooking the Stargate, passionate blood will illuminate the world, and darkness will eventually depart.

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