Supreme Couple In Apocalypse: Undead King & Demonic Queen

Supreme Couple In Apocalypse: Undead King & Demonic Queen

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    When the apocalypse descended upon Earth, Erix's fate took a chilling turn when he was bitten by a zombie while asleep. But unlike others, he defied the looming death and transformation, clinging to his humanity with unyielding determination. What emerged from the ashes was extraordinary—a Hybrid Zombie with intellect intact.

    In this new world, where the planet's evolution was driven by enigmatic Labyrinth Towers that appeared overnight, everything changed. The landscape transformed, and beings, both flora and fauna, evolved dramatically. People discovered the means to gain power by hunting monsters, exploring diverse dungeons, acquiring unique skills, unlocking exotic classes, and engaging in global events.

    Amid this chaos, only a single law remained supreme: the law of the jungle, where only those with power, determination, and wits could reach and reign at the top.

    Yet, Erix was not alone in his odyssey. His fiercely devoted girlfriend, Rin, matched his ruthlessness and recklessness at every turn. Together, they embarked on an extraordinary journey fueled by their intense love, unbridled ambition, and hunger for power as they birthed grand ambitions in this new horizon.

    Join this outlandish duo as they navigate treacherous obstacles, confront formidable adversaries, and carve a path to dominance in their world and beyond, where the only rule is survival of the fittest. In a landscape of chaos and evolution, their story unfolds into a thrilling adventure like no other.

    --Additional Tags: Unique main characters (regarding personality and growth both), Neutral, Guilds, Self-creating skills and magic-oriented martial techniques, special combo moves, Ongoing world-building, Worldwide events, Competitions, Bloodpumping adventures and action due to Labyrinth Tower and multi-world concept.

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