System Mania!

System Mania!

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    In the midst of a mall parking lot turned battleground, Korig stands with a crowbar in his hands, blood-stained and bewildered.

    Chaos reigns as the world crumbles into a nightmare of undead horrors.

    Amid the panic, a digital screen materializes, thrusting Korig into a twisted game of survival.

    “Main Objective: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for an hour.”

    “Bonus quest: Kill 100 zombies.”

    The countdown begins, and Korig must navigate the terror around him, battling both the flesh-hungry undead and the enigmatic rules of a malevolent system.

    As time slips away, Korig's past and present collide, revealing secrets that could be the key to his survival.

    Will he conquer the unholy countdown, or become another victim in this relentless System Mania?

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