Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend

Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend

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    That year,

    The first time Jiang Xu saw Zhou Qingyue, he instantly fell for this girl with twin ponytails who had the sweetest smile.

    For her sake,

    Jiang Xu did a lot.

    He knew she liked bubble tea, so he saved his breakfast money to buy it for her.

    She loved small trinkets, so he tricked his parents into giving him extra money under the pretext of buying textbooks.

    Alternatively, he used the money he saved up during New Year.

    Whenever Zhou Qingyue was on cleaning duty, he would help her clean up.

    If she struggled with homework, Jiang Xu would stay up late, devising the best study methods for her.

    She wanted the latest phone.

    So Jiang Xu would spend weekends playing online games at the internet cafe, leveraging his skills to farm gold.

    After a while, he had made more than two thousand yuan and bought her a new phone with it.

    All he got in return was a lukewarm thank you.

    Countless confessions were rejected with the excuse that she wanted to focus on her studies.

    He believed that if he showered her with enough sincerity, he would eventually touch her heart.

    After they graduated from university, she said she wanted to start a business.

    So Jiang Xu gave her the two million yuan his parents had given him for a house, in secret.

    She became successful, only for him to see her nestled in the arms of another man.

    Devastated, Jiang Xu experienced reincarnation.

    This time, he swore not to make the same mistakes.

    He only then discovered, there was a treasure girl in his class.

    Her father was destined to become the richest man in China.

    But currently, her family is quite poor.

    Jiang Xu to her father: “Father-in-law, as you know, I’ve been without a spouse since childhood.”

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